About us

We are a community who plays since 4 years together, everything began with a game called Seafight and from then on we played several other games together. Our MTA/CIT Story began at July 2012, we were bored and I suggested to start with a new game and I proposed to play GTA, We searched an opportunity to play GTA online and found MTA. The first server was CIT and we're still playing here, we began with 10 guys and 8 player still play active. nR7Gaming has been created in August 2012. Meanwhile, some of the group have gone out to expand our skills and experience. Some took a break and were inactive, but now we try to focus on MTA. We are a well-organized group that is now on the lookout for good players, over the months some of our members played CS:GO on steam so most of our members have made our way to steam and there's atleast 30% of us who own CS:GO so we are expanding more and more everyday.
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